The end of the summer is near. One thing is certain and that is the rest of the year and 2023 will see the creator economy get talked about more and accelerate faster. In this week's issue, the "anti-social media" app, BeReal, continues to see explosive growth. Gen Z loves it for its simplicity, genuineness, and authenticity which helps close friends feel a real sense of connection.

Adobe released its global "Future of Creativity" study with insights into the creator economy. Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. One of the highlights is how hopeful he is that the growth of the creator economy will translate into a renaissance of people being more creative and how the nature of work will change around it.

Tamil-Canadian actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnanm, the lead in the "Never Have I Ever" American coming-of-age comedy-drama television series, talks about stereotypes, women of color, and how she handles her own insecurities.

Events: Starting in September, Spinning Forward will feature an events section in the newsletter. Readers asked and want to know about BIPOC creator events happening in the Greater Toronto Area. An event I'll be covering is Monsoon Sound, which is happening August 27th at The Rose Brampton Lobby. Monsoon Sound is a celebration of South Asian hip hop artists including Roshanie, Siddartha, Keralanka, Tanvir Rose, Spitty, Sikh Knowledge and Hey Bombay. The event organizer is Amrit Singh (aka) Noyzhiphop, an author, rapper, spoken word artist, and community organizer from Brampton.

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