This week marks the start of summer outdoor events and activities. The summer is a reminder to have more fun, not be so hard on yourself, and to reduce overthinking every decision you make.

Inspired by Fiona Fairbairnn, who appears in this week's "Do What You Want" section, I think people (including me) spend too much time overthinking.

Susan Nolen-Hoeksema in her book, Women Who Think Too Much, defines overthinking as:

Getting caught in torrents of negative thoughts and emotions that overwhelm us and interfere with our functioning and well-being.

We tend to constantly ask ourselves big, hard questions like,

"Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What do others think of me? Why am I not happy and content?"

Since answers don't come easy, we continue searching, pondering, and worrying even more. The author believes our mood goes deeper and darker, which opens up even more concerns - both big and small. Every small and big concern can lead to hours or days of overthinking and distress in pursuit of perfection. Overthinking can paralyze and overwhelm us to the point where we feel trapped and stuck.

If you're an overthinker, try to not be a perfectionist this summer. This means learning to let go, reducing expectations of yourself, asking for help, and seeing how things unfold. After the past couple of years, you owe it to yourself to have more fun, be happier and live a more satisfying life.

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A lot of Black and Indigenous women don’t let people help them. I’m saying, why don’t you let people help you sometimes?

Toronto-based TikToker, Fiona Fairbairn